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10 Perfect Tights + Fall Accessory Combinations to Love This Autumn

fall accessory

10 Perfect Tights + Fall Accessory Combinations to Love This Autumn

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Cookies and milk. Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. Some things are just better together. But that’s not just true about your favourite foods… we can think of some pretty perfect fashion pairings, too. And when it comes to BFF accessories, tights are always the most popular girl in the wardrobe. Tights are such a versatile item that they easily match with plenty of other accessories. But in honour of fall, this post is dedicated to rounding up our favourite tights + fall accessory buddies that love to come out to play in the autumn season.

Fall accessory type: Jewelry 

Black seam tights + a classic watch 

A classic wristwatch is an excellent staple accessory for any classy lady to have in her jewelry box. Even though the practical need for a watch is less pressing now that we can always check the time on our phones, a wristwatch gives a touch of class to any outfit. That’s why it pairs so well with black seam tights: both are timeless and elegant without being overly fancy. Dress them up or dress them down, this tights + fall accessory duo will always class up your look.

Bold coloured tights + a large statement necklace 

A statement necklace is a must for any girl who loves to turn heads. It’s eye-catching, and serves as a conversation piece, and is often the perfect thing for pulling an entire look together. Since autumn is often the season for heading back to school, or starting a new job, or just changing up your look to put your best foot forward, we consider a statement necklace an autumn accessory for sure. This accessory pairs well with bright coloured tights. Both are bold and playful, but the fact that the tights don’t have a pattern means the two won’t clash with one another. 

fall accessory

Fall accessory type: outerwear

Fishnet tights + sunglasses 

Even with summer gone, the sun still shines on bright autumn days. No matter what season it is, sunglasses add a cool-girl, liaises-fare attitude to any outfit. So what better combination than to pair sunglasses with fishnet tights? You’ll be looking cool and tough thanks to this tights + fall accessory combo. 

Pretty patterned tights + chunky infinity scarf 

As the weather gets cooler, you’re going to want to bundle up a little more- but that does NOT mean that fashion has to suffer to stay warm. A cozy infinity scarf is the epitome of fashion and function. Pair it with pretty patterned tights to make your outfit even more gorgeous. Whoever said less is more never met this tights + fall accessory combo. 

Dark coloured tights + shawl/wrap/cape

There is something so oh-so-fabulous about wearing a cape. Like the infinity scarf, it’s a fashionable accessory that keeps you warm and pulled-together. Because a wrap has a very grown-up appeal, pair it with a pair of tights in a darker colour – like khaki or burgundy. This tights + accessory combo to just too irresistible. 

fall accessory

Fall accessory type: Bags

Plaid tights + leather satchel 

Whether autumn is back-to-school season for you or not, you’ll be looking super scholarly toting your leather satchel here and there. And what pattern goes better with a scholarly look than plaid? Need we say more?

Stripey tights + grown-up backpack

We love the selection of grown-up backpacks that are on the market these days. A square leather backpack allows you to strike the perfect balance between sophisticated and carefree. Stripey tights offer exactly the same vibe – and that’s what makes this tights + fall accessory combo so perfect.

fall accessory

Fall accessory type: Hats

Checkered tights + a messenger cap 

A messenger cap is another accessory that makes an outfit look super scholarly and cute. Checkered tights are perfectly in line with that campus-chic feeling, even if you’re school-going days are far behind you.

Burgundy tights + assorted wide-brimmed hat 

Wide-brimmed felt hats are such a great item. Hide a bad hair day, or add it to a look to make yourself feel perfectly pulled-together. Whatever your motivation for grabbing this accessory, the outcome is a look that is grown-up but still girly. That’s why burgundy tights are the perfect pairing for felt hats from Montreal’s young brand Blackburn Raymond!

Cat tights + knitted headband 

Knitted headbands are so adorable. When the weather starts to cool off, they keep you feeling cozy and looking super cute. Cat tights are the ideal match because the balance the look out: they offer a wild touch to an otherwise cutesy look.

Did we miss any of your favourite tights + fall accessory BFF pairings? Let us know in the comments which combos you are most excited to wear this autumn! And don’t forget to tag us in your pictures! We always love to see what you create.



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