Create an outfit like a stylist with tights

How to Create the Perfect Outfit Like a Stylist

Create an outfit like a stylist with tights

How to Create the Perfect Outfit Like a Stylist

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For some women dressing with style comes effortlessly; she can shop the endless racks at H&M, easily find items that look good on her, knows her colour palette, and has a streamlined closet filled with wardrobe essentials.

But if you’re like the rest of us, you probably often find yourself staring into a closet full of clothes wondering what to wear and how to create an outfit that goes beyond jeans and a t-shirt.

Don’t fret! Creating an outfit that is stylish is totally possible and easy. All you have to do is follow a few tips and ask yourself some important questions in order to first determine your personal style just like a stylist would do.

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As a personal stylist, my job starts with getting to know my client and there are a set of steps and questions I always follow (which subscribers can answer in our Style Profile) to help them create the perfect outfit everyday.

Here are 5 tips to help you create the perfect outfit just like a stylist everyday!

Create the perfect outfit like a stylist with tights.

1. Think about what you like

First things first, ask yourself what YOU like! Consider styles that you would like to mimic and think of pieces you love to wear. This could be your favourite sweater or a skirt that you wear absolutely everywhere, and then build your wardrobe from there. Also, consider what colours and prints you like.

2. What’s missing in your closet?

In our style profile, I always ask clients what they would like to add to their wardrobe. For example, you might want to add more colour to your wardrobe or more feminine pieces. Shop for pieces that will add that touch of whatever you’re looking for and integrate it into your outfit.

3. Consider future engagements and what events you need to dress for

Do you have cocktails to attend every Thursday or work in an office with a strict dress code? You need your outfit to work for your everyday life, which is why I always ask clients in what type of settings they plan to wear their tights and need to get dressed for.


4. Think about what you want your wardrobe to say about you

Your clothes are a vehicle to communicate who you are to the world, so get to know yourself and figure out what that message is. After all, they key to pulling off any outfit is to wear it with confidence.


5. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration

To create the perfect outfit, get inspired by old icons or fashion blogger looks you love. For outfit ideas you can always visit our blog or follow us on Instagram.

Have any style questions for a stylist? Share them below and I’ll answer them!




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