How to Create a Budget-Friendly New Year's Look

How to Create a Budget-Friendly New Year's Look

How to Create a Budget-Friendly New Year's Look

How to Create a Budget-Friendly New Year's Look

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New Year's Eve is a pretty big deal for just about anyone.

It's the end of a year and a way to celebrate and reflect on all that you've accomplished, and the memories you've made. It's important to feel great, but since it's only for one night, you don't really want to break the bank either on a new outfit.

Fortunately, it’s easy to create a budget-friendly New Year's outfit without sacrificing style.

Here’s how to create a budget-friendly New Year's Eve look!

Velvet Bodysuit

I found this velvet Bodysuit at Forever 21 for only $16 dollars! It's the perfect top for New Year's, it's cute and has special details like lace and velvet that make it so appropriate for the occasion. I'm going to wear this bodysuit on Christmas Eve as well and just layer a turtleneck underneath. See, I'm already making more use out of my New Year's outfit. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

Feather Skirt

This feather skirt was a Winners score for only $17 dollars! I was super excited to find this. I knew it would be the perfect skirt to go with the bodysuit and make it look like an LBD. It's really unique and fun and adds just the right amount of glitz for New Year's! Who can say no to a feather skirt? Not this girl, that's for sure!


I wanted to keep the accessories cute but affordable. Ardene was the perfect spot for this. They have the fashion-forward pieces I want at a bargain. The feather earrings were $6, the barrettes were $3 and the necklace was $9. They add just the right amount of bling without being too much and too pricey!


These heels are another Winners find and can you believe they were only $15 dollars! Right?! Crazy!! They’re also comfortable and not too high. There’s nothing worse than getting all dressed up and then not being able to move all night because your shoes hate you! Yeah, I think I’ll go with the shorter heel and enjoy my night, thank you very much.

So don’t be worried about breaking the bank or giving up your style for your New Year's look. I got this entire outfit for roughly $70 dollars! Now that’s a price and New Year's outfit I can totally handle, how about you?



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