Cotton tights for cold weather with a green skirt.

The Cotton Tights you Need in your Cold Weather Wardrobe

Cotton tights for cold weather with a green skirt.

The Cotton Tights you Need in your Cold Weather Wardrobe

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Now that temperatures are dropping, your tights will of course be your best friend and luckily, you have more options than ever to choose from.

While nylon tights are my favourite for a chic soirée as well as various other occasions, cotton tights have quickly become my best wardrobe ally to beat the cold this season.

For those who didn’t know, tights come in various materials including in blends of wool, nylon and cotton.

Cotton tights aren’t as sheer as nylon tights, but instead consists of a thicker material, which happens to be a great option for colder weather. In turn, you absolutely need a pair in your closet this season.

Here are 5 reasons why every fashion girl needs a pair of cotton tights in their cold weather wardrobe!

They’re warm

Cotton tights are way warmer than nylon tights and will save your legs from dropping temperatures.

Cotton tights for the winter worn with a green skirt.

They’re more resistant

Since cotton tights are thicker, they’re also more resistant and less prone to snags and tears.

They add texture to your look

While nylon tights mimic the appearance of your skin, cotton tights will add texture to all your outfits to complete your colder weather look.

They’re more breathable

Nylon tights aren’t very breathable which can be a problem for those with extremely sensitive skin. Fortunately, cotton tights are a good alternative as they’re more breathable and super soft.

Cotton tights for winter with green skirt

They pair well with any colour

Our grey cotton tights are just what your wardrobe needs to break up your all-black winter looks. They equally pair well with just about any other colour such as navy, burgundy and more.

Cotton tights worn with a green skirt.

Will you be adding a pair of cotton tights to your wardrobe?



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