Gossip Girl

All of Blair Waldorf’s best Gossip Girl looks

Gossip Girl

All of Blair Waldorf’s best Gossip Girl looks

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Would you be believe me if I told you it’s been 10 YEARS since Gossip Girl first entered our lives? Well, believe it because it’s true!

The hit teen drama premiered on the CW on September 19, 2007 – exactly 10 years ago – and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon.

Though many of you probably tuned in to watch for the pure entertainment value (like will Blair and Chuck finally get back together?), some of you, like myself, surely watched just for the fashion!

Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, and Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, basically gave me serious outfit envy throughout the whole series. In the show, the Upper East Side queens ruled the streets of Manhattan in designer staples, high heels and the most eye-catching accessories. Not to mention, their whole lifestyle, which included total penthouse-living glory, limousine rides, mimosa filled brunches and eye-candy of the likes of Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford, also didn’t appeared too shabby.

When it comes to the fashion, in particular, I always had a soft spot for Blair Waldorf’s preppy style and classic beauty. Her signature style often consisted of winning accessories such as cute headbands, flared skirts combined with statement tights, and of course, designer purses and shoes (hello, Louboutins). Queen Bee was without a doubt one of my biggest teen style inspirations, though I must admit, I never did own a Chanel headband… sighh.

As an hommage to Gossip Girl’s 10-year anniversary, I’m looking back at Blair Waldorf’s top looks. Have a scroll and get your dose of style inspiration from Queen Bee herself.

Here are 10 of Blair Waldorf’s best Gossip Girl looks!

Blair Waldorf’s Best Look 1



Blair Waldorf’s Best  Look 2



Blair Waldorf’s Best  Look 3



Blair Waldorf’s Best  Look 4



Blair Waldorf’s Best Look 5



Blair Waldorf’s Best Look 6



Blair Waldorf’s Best Look 7



Blair Waldorf’s Best Look 8



Blair Waldorf’s Best Look 9



Blair Waldorf’s Best Look 10



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