How to Create a Blair Waldorf Inspired Halloween Costume

How to Create a Blair Waldorf Inspired Halloween Costume

How to Create a Blair Waldorf Inspired Halloween Costume

How to Create a Blair Waldorf Inspired Halloween Costume

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Fall is in the air, which means Halloween is creeping up very quickly!

This Halloween, I’m dressing up as the “Queen B”, Blair Waldorf, from the infamous show Gossip Girl. A Blair Waldorf inspired costume isn’t hard to create because all you really need is a headband, a pair of tights and an over-the-top coat.

Take your Halloween costume up a notch by creating a look with items you already own. Some of the best costumes are actually sitting right inside your closet. I find that creating a TV star inspired look is the easiest because there are so many options and most of them wear everyday items.

Here is how you can pull off a Blair Waldorf costume this Halloween!

Choose matching accessories

Throughout every season of Gossip Girl, you can find Blair wearing coordinated purses, headbands and pumps. This is what makes this costume so simple to achieve. Put on these three accessories in the same colour or pattern, and voila, you’ve got Blair’s signature style!

Wear a skirt or dress

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Blair wearing a pair of pants before on the show, so you shouldn’t either. Since it’s Fall, you have the opportunity to wear one of Blair’s iconic accessories; tights! Find a sophisticated yet girly skirt or dress, and pair it with some graphic or solid tights.

Don’t be afraid of ruffles and lace

With Blair’s style, it’s all about the little feminine details and that means you can go all out with textures! Search your mom’s closet for a dress with lace or ruffles if you don’t own one.

Wear jewellery

Blair never passed up an opportunity to wear her pearls and I think it’s a great way to top off a costume. Try wearing pearl earrings, a bracelet and a necklace for a similar look.

Curl your hair

Clean and polished hair was Blair’s specialty on the show and truly made her stand out. To achieve her loose, but voluminous curls you can use a 1” curling wand and lots of hairspray.

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