5 Holiday Gift ideas for your Best Friend

5 Holiday Gift ideas for your Best Friend

5 Holiday Gift ideas for your Best Friend

5 Holiday Gift ideas for your Best Friend

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The season of giving is here and there’s not doubt that you’ll want to gift your bestie an awesome present this month.

Though you probably know your best friend better than they know themselves, shopping for a bestie can be difficult. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect gift or feeling overwhelmed by the volume of options, I have some best friend gift ideas that can work for 5 different types of besties.

These best friend gift ideas will show how thoughtful you really are and are sure the leave your friends overwhelmed with joy.

Here are 5 best friend gift ideas for the Holidays for every type of bestie in your life!

For the Fashionista

If your best friend is a fashion lover, show her how well you know her style by gifting her our best selling tights. Our Over-the-Knee Tights are a trendy option that were made for fashionistas, while our Heart Prints Tights are a statement piece she’ll love to wear again and again.

Over-the-Knee Tights, $19
Heart Prints Tights, $18

For the Girl Boss

Support your BFF’s Girl Boss vision by gifting her tights so she’s ready to hit the boardroom or her next work function in style. Our Micromesh Tights have a subtle hint of personality that are perfect for the office and she’s sure to love you for gifting her a pair of Sheer Back Seam Tights that will give her an extra boost of confidence as soon as she puts them on.

Micromesh Tights, $16
Sheer Back Seam Tights, $17

For the Adventurer

If your friend is an adventurer with and outgoing personality, gift her a monthly subscription to From Rachel so she’s sure to always have tights on hand. Between all the events and parties she’s attending, she’ll definitely need tights sent straight to her door monthly!

Subscription, $33-150

For the Cool Girl

If your BFF is a confident cool girl, gift her tights that are full of personality to match her strong persona. Our Sheer Star Tights and Tights with Fishnet Effect were made for cool girls who aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Sheer Star Tights, $22
Tights with Fishnet Effect, $22

For the Art buff

For the best friend artist in your life who hates the mainstream, gift special tights that she won’t be able to find anywhere else. Our Horizontal Knee Stripe Tights are an original style she’ll adore, while our Cat Tights will definitely get her noticed are her next art show.

Horizontal Knee Stripe Tights, $17
Cat Tights, $19

What will you be gifting your bestie this Holiday season?





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