5 Reasons Why What you Wear in the Gym Really Matters

5 Reasons Why What you Wear in the Gym Really Matters

5 Reasons Why What you Wear in the Gym Really Matters

5 Reasons Why What you Wear in the Gym Really Matters

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Whether I’m going to the office, to run errands or to an evening event, what I will wear is always top of mind. On the contrary, when I go to the gym, I usually don’t think twice about my outfit.

Any workout legging will do, as will any old cotton t-shirt because what I wear to the gym really doesn’t matter, right? Actually… that’s wrong!

What we wear to the gym actually affects everything from our performance to our motivation (Oops!). Since I found out, I’ve been paying special attention to my workout wear.

Here’s 5 reasons why what you wear in the gym really matters!

1. It keeps you organized

Getting to the gym is one of the hardest parts of working out, so when you don’t have the right equipment like clean clothes and running shoes, you’re more likely to skip on your workout. I like to stay organized by prepping my gym bag with the right clothes and equipment the night before.

2. It can prevent injury

The appropriate apparel is so important if you exercise regularly. Many sport injuries occur because we don’t have the right equipment like footwear and clothes. Be sure to choose the right fabric when shopping for exercise wear and items that fit well to avoid injury during your workouts.

3. It can improve your performance

There’s a reason why Olympic athletes get special clothes created for their big Olympic moment! It’s because intelligent fabrics and sportswear that fits well will help you perform at your best. Opt for fitness clothing that is designed for your type of workout and don’t forget to always put comfort first.

4. It can boost confidence

Just like when you’re going to the office or to an event, a great outfit can always help you feel your best. Raise your confidence and self-esteem by making sure you look and feel your best by shopping for a new workout kit that will help you conquer your workout. I’ve been loving our new printed leggings for summer!

5. It can motivate you

What's better than a new pair of leggings for some extra fitness motivation? Since we received our new leggings, I can’t live without them and I’ll use every excuse to wear them, even a workout session. Once you have a new fitness outfit, you’ll feel motivated too to workout and show off your new purchases.

Do you care about what you wear at the gym?



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