5 Reasons to Subscribe to Rachel this Fall

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Rachel this Fall

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Rachel this Fall

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Rachel this Fall

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There’s no time of year as perfect as Fall to become a Rachel subscriber.

Our subscription service, which allows you to receive a personalized selection of tights - 2 pairs per box - is ideal to help you complete your Fall wardrobe and enter the new season with ease.

With various tights styles sent straight to your door as often as you want, it’s easy to dress with style and feel good about yourself all season long. But there’s still tons of other reasons why you should subscribe to Rachel this season.

Here are 5 reasons why you should subscribe to Rachel this Fall!

To transition your Summer wardrobe

Tights are THE ideal accessory to help you transition your Summer wardrobe into the new season. Your favourite Summer dresses and skirts can easily enter Fall by your side when you have the right tights styles to choose from. So forgo the shopping and just add tights to your Fall wardrobe instead.

To get budget-friendly staples

Tights are a wardrobe staple, but the best thing about them is that they’re also a budget-friendly wardrobe option. When you subscribe, you can receive 2 pairs of tights for just $27.50. That’s like receiving 2 new outfits (if not more) for way less than a new skirt, you’ll probably only end up wearing once.

To stay on trend

Rachel’s subscription service offers classic tights styles as well as on-trend options. Items like our Over-the-Knee Tights are the ultimate trend piece to make a statement, while other items like our new Triple Stripe Tights and Micro Dot Tights are embellished with seasonal prints that are equally trendy.

To have shopping done for you

Fall is the busiest time of year and then comes the holidays… yikes! Who has time for shopping? Fortunately, with a subscription to Rachel, we’re doing the shopping for you. All you have to do is tell us your style preferences in your profile and then we can choose the best products for your unique subscription box.

To get wardrobe help

Everytime you receive a box From Rachel it’s like you’re getting a new outfit sent straight to your door! What’s more, we show you how to style our tights, statement socks and more with the latest trends in fashion through our blog. Visit often to discover the latest up-to-date wardrobe advice.

Are you ready for Fall?

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