5 Reasons to Gift Your BFF a Rachel Subscription

5 Reasons to Gift Your BFF a Rachel Subscription

5 Reasons to Gift Your BFF a Rachel Subscription

5 Reasons to Gift Your BFF a Rachel Subscription

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The season for giving is upon us, and you’re probably still wondering what to gift all your favourite people. My best friend is always the hardest person to shop for because I want her gift to be special, unique, fun and something I know she’ll love. Luckily, I think I found the perfect gift!

Here are 5 reasons why a Rachel subscription is the ideal gift for your BFF! 

Because it’s unique 

Not only is Rachel the only tights subscription box in North America, but it’s completely personalized for every subscriber. With top recommendations from Rachel, your BFF won’t have any trouble choosing tights month after month. Your BFF is unique and she deserves a unique and personalized gift too. 

Because it’s fun

Tights are a wardrobe must-have, but the only fun way to shop for them is with Rachel. With Rachel’s help, it will be easy for your BFF to choose the best tights styles or she can receive a surprise selection. The entire subscription process is a blast and she’ll thank you for showing her the best way to shop for tights!

Because it will add some oomph to her wardrobe 

The winter can be so drab. That’s why it’s important to add a cheeky punch to your outfits so you don’t go mad with the winter blues! Fortunately, all of Rachel’s tights have something different and fun to offer from polka dots, to OTK styles, and cool glitter options. All thanks to you, your BFF’s outfits will always be fun, fabulous and the envy of everyone.

Because it’s the gift of style 

Rachel’s tights aren’t just cozy and warm, but they’re also unique and stylish. There are so many different and adorable patterns and styles to choose from. They take your outfit to a whole other level and what kind of BFF would I be if I wasn’t looking out for my friend’s style?!

Because it’s practical 

Tights are a must-have wardrobe accessory and I know my BFF will make good use of her gift subscription. Though Rachel’s tights are super unique, they’re also very classic and will be worn for years to come. A subscription also makes it easy to get tights when you need them, whenever you need them. Who wouldn’t want tights that they know will keep them chic and looking cool from season to season?!



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