5 Everyday Ways to Reuse Ripped Tights

5 Everyday Ways to Reuse Ripped Tights

5 Everyday Ways to Reuse Ripped Tights

5 Everyday Ways to Reuse Ripped Tights

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Did you know? Just because your tights have a run or snag, doesn’t mean you should throw them away.

Even if you can no longer wear them, there are tons of practical ways to reuse your ripped tights on a daily basis.

With these creative ideas, you can give a second life to your tights, all while minimizing waste and your environmental footprint.

Read on and see how your tights can go from wardrobe essential to your daily tasks. All you need is a pair of ripped tights.

Here are 5 tips to reuse your ripped tights!


For dusting

You can actually clean with your ripped tights. Nylon is a great material to pick up dust. Put your hand through your tights or onto a broom, and start cleaning your space with ease.


Emergency elastic

Can’t find any elastics again? Cut your tights across the width of a leg and you’ll get an elastic to tie your hair and just about anything else.


Remove deodorant stains and animal hair on clothes

If your pet loses their hair or you have a pesky deodorant stain, don’t panic! Put your hand through your tights and rub it across your garment for a flawless finish! Just like dust, Nylon will pick up hair and other residue easily.


A wash bag for delicates

Some clothes or objects can be more delicate to wash. Stick delicate accessories like your bra in a pair of tights to help protect them during their wash cycle.


Pick up small objects

Attach a piece of tights to the end of your vacuum so that it makes a filter when it sucks. Any objects will be picked up and filtered with the tights to help you find and pick up objects in no time!

How will you recycle your tights? Check out this DIY for another creative way to reuse tights!



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