5 Big Reasons To Love Sockettes This Summer

5 Big Reasons To Love Sockettes This Summer

5 Big Reasons To Love Sockettes This Summer

5 Big Reasons To Love Sockettes This Summer

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Sometimes the smallest accessories can have the largest impact. And in the summertime, it’s a bonus to find an impactful accessory that won’t weigh you down on the hottest days.

For us, sockettes are a go-to in order to amp-up our summertime looks. Here are a few reasons why:

The perfect solution to the closed-toed shoe dilemma

On the hottest summer days, closed-toed shoes become a conundrum. We dread wearing socks because they cause us to overheat… but going barefoot in our shoes makes us slip and slide around. Sockettes are the perfect solution. They offer the best of both worlds. They are light enough to be comfortable in the heat, but provide comfort in flats, oxfords, and sneakers.

You can take a spare pair anywhere

It’s never any trouble to take a spare pair of sockettes with you—they even fit in your pocket when rolled up together. If you’re packing a super-small bag for a weeklong getaway, 7 pairs of sockettes won’t weigh down your luggage at all.

They are very versatile

We also love sockettes because they can be added to almost summertime look. If you’re going for a sporty vibe, a pair of striped sockettes adds a varsity feel. For a girly look, pink sockettes with silver threads complete the princess persona. There’s a sockette for every summertime look.

They are as comfortable as can be

Feather-light and super soft, sockettes are definitely the most comfortable footwear solution for summer. They keep you feeling fresh in any shoe you choose… so much so, that you’ll be happy to keep wearing them all through autumn, too!

They are the perfect summertime switch for die-hard tights lovers

If you’re a gal who loves to wear tights all through autumn, winter, and spring… then sockettes are the ultimate summertime option for you. Just as dainty and refined, just a little breezier and cooler when July and August get particularly warm. And who knows? They may just become another favourite of yours to wear all year long.


Have you tried out a new pair of sockettes for summer? What do you love most about these sweet accessories?




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