4 Fashion Tips to Keep Up Your Work From Home Routine

4 Fashion Tips to Keep Up Your Work From Home Routine

4 Fashion Tips to Keep Up Your Work From Home Routine

4 Fashion Tips to Keep Up Your Work From Home Routine

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There are many uncertainties in the world right now, but there is still one thing we can be certain about and that’s how to be cozy and look stylish for your work from home routine.

Getting ready for the office is one of the biggest parts of our daily routines, and that’s why we want to continue to inspire you with an easy outfit idea to recreate!

Discover your new favourite work from home outfit! 

The Sweater Vest

Remember when sweater vests were super cool in the 90s through the early 2000s? Well good news: They are back! Fall weather is in full swing and the sweater vest will be your go-to for cozy, and comfortable style. We are definitely vibing on checkered print for a more elevated look. Channel your inner Chandler friends, because the sweater vest is a must-have piece for your fall wardrobe.

The Sweater Skirt

We LOVE a good stretchy skirt including this beige skirt option featuring a front zipper detailing. Not only does this skirt look great, but it’s perfect for long days spent sitting at your desk. There is no tugging or pulling, so you can take those Zoom calls comfortably. Seeing as our sweater vest has a pattern, we went for a more simple skirt, but if your sweater vest is plain then don’t be afraid to go bold!

Criss Cross Eco Tights

Feel that cool breeze? That means it’s finally tights weather! These tights are not only strong and durable, but super cute! We love the criss cross detailing, which will really help bring your look to the next level. The best part? These tights are sustainable! They are made from recycled and environmentally-sustainable fibres that are obtained from regenerated raw materials, which results in reduced C02 emission and lower water consumption during production. That’s what we call a win-win!

Platform Shoes

We know that no one can see your feet on those Zoom calls, but who said we were dressing up for them anyways! A full look can really change your mood, and your confidence for the day. We added some platform shoes to this look for ultimate comfort. They really tie up the cozy chic look that we were aiming for. We know mom said not to wear your shoes in the house, but sometimes you have to break the rules!

Victoria is a content creator that has a passion for fashion! She loves to express herself in bold outfits, but also loves dressing down in cozy looks! She has always loved creating looks that speak to her personality and that make her feel confident!

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