3 Ways to Wear Dresses in the Winter (Video)

3 Ways to Wear Dresses in the Winter (Video)

3 Ways to Wear Dresses in the Winter (Video)

3 Ways to Wear Dresses in the Winter (Video)

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It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to stash your favourite dresses until warm weather returns! There are tons of winter dress options to choose from and a few good styling hacks that can allow you to stay warm even on the coldest days.

I have a few style hacks that are focused on keeping your legs warm with winter-approved tights and that will allow you to look weather-appropriate, and stylish with the help of lots of layering.

Here are 3 styling hacks that will allow you to wear dresses in the winter!

Office Approved

wear dresses in the winter with leg warmers.

For office dressing, opt for a work-appropriate dress that has long sleeves and combine it with a pair of black tights that have a high denier. Remember, the higher the denier, the thicker, and thus more warm, your tights will be. Add a pair of leg warmers over your tights and complete your look with a long vest for extra warmth.

Party Ready

For an evening on the town, choose a pair of warm over-the-knee tights for a look that mimics a high-sock. These tights keep most of your legs covered allowing you to stay warm. Choose a dress that falls above the knee to properly showcase the detailing on your tights. Finally, layer with a large scarf and you have a chic party ready look on hand!

Comfy Casual

Wear dresses in the winter with warm burgundy tights.

Get a comfortable and casual look with a pair of tights in winter-approved materials like with our warm burgundy herringbone tights. Materials like cotton or wool are an absolute must for winter and definitely help keep your legs warm on cold days. Choose an equally warm and cosy dress and your look is complete.

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