3 Rules for Buying Everyday Essentials

3 Rules for Buying Everyday Essentials

3 Rules for Buying Everyday Essentials

3 Rules for Buying Everyday Essentials

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Some items are easy to put your money on, while others can be purchased a little bit more hesitantly.

My purchases tend to lean towards a more cautious stance and I would argue that you should always ask yourself a number of questions before making a purchasing decision – Do I need this? Do I really like this? – no matter if it’s for a $17 pair of tights or for a $350 blazer.

When it comes to selecting everyday essentials like tights and leggings, there are in fact a few rules I suggest you follow. After all, everyday essentials should serve as a strong wardrobe staple and you should love these items enough to want to wear them again and again.

Here are 3 rules for buying everyday essentials!

1. Buy Quality

Your everyday essentials help complete all the trendier items you wear, so you want to make sure they look crisp and that they last. When buying essentials like a white blouse or tights, make sure to opt for quality over quantity, and don’t hesitate to spend a little more if necessary.

2. Make sure you absolutely love it

You should absolutely love every item in your wardrobe especially your essentials. If you buy a new item and don’t care to wear it right away, you’re probably not in love with it and can do without out it. Save the closet space and go return it! You’ll find a better everyday essentiel to love instead, I promise!

3. Out with the old and in with the new

When it’s time to stock up on essentials, it’s also time to get rid of your old ones. You placed an order to receive new tights? Great! Now you can get rid of your old ones that can no longer be worn.

What rules do you follow before making purchasing decisions?



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