3 Essential Earring Styles Every Girl Should Own

3 Essential Earring Styles Every Girl Should Own

3 Essential Earring Styles Every Girl Should Own

3 Essential Earring Styles Every Girl Should Own

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I am so excited to have teamed-up once again with Montreal-based designer Camillette to offer Rachel’s community a jewellery collection of essential earrings. 

Dubbed the New Dawn Capsule, the collection embraces nature and all its elements to offer unique designs that are floral, celestial and more. Featuring dozens of mix and match options, you'll love this collection for its unique designs and minimalist finish that's ideal for everyday wear. 

But before you place your order, make sure you have all the essential styles necessary to create a complete jewellery collection. 

Here are 3 essential earring styles for any jewellery collection! 


Stud earrings are an absolute jewellery box must-have. They are very practical and work with every style and outfit. Still, there are many different styles and sizes of stud earrings to choose from. Want to add a trendy vibe to all your looks? Opt for a quirky design like our Single Sun Stud. Are you feeling more minimal? Then opt for simplicity with the Single Star Stud instead. 


Hoop earrings, as its name suggests, are round earrings shaped like hoops. Many styles and sizes exist as well, though this season we are shopping for small hoops, which are more minimal and versatile for a daytime or nighttime look. This earring style is classy and will make a great addition to any outfit without overpowering your style.

Ear Cuffs 

Ear cuffs are a super trendy earring option, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be minimalist as well. Our ear cuffs by Camillette work on non-pierced ears and promise to add an extra oomph to your style without being over the top. What’s more, this versatile earring design pairs well with stud and hoop earrings so you can mix-and-match all you want! 

Which earring styles are you shopping for? 



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